What’s Your Design Style?

August 21, 2015 16

The idea of living space design encompassing personality is one that is becoming more and more prominent, especially in this day and age, with so much variety and customization options. Renovating the home is no longer solely the job of just one person. It’s a process that involves a team of individuals at every step along the way: interior designers, contractors, builders and you – the homeowner! Decisions are based on a number of attributes, ranging from functionality all the way to aesthetics.

Have you ever visited a showroom and experienced that “love at first sight” feeling for multiple light fixtures, while gazing at the ambient glow they cast? Or, have you ever tested the flow and pressure of a chrome rain shower and realized, “my goodness, I LIKE THIS!” If you have answered yes, and surely you have, this is because you have connected with a quality product that reflects an aspect of your unique personality! Take this process and repeat several times, and then suddenly you’ll find yourself with an array of products that communicate much more than just a utility function.

To explore further, let’s review two examples. While doing this, take some time to reflect on your personal interests: how do you like to spend your free time? How do you feel when you are relaxing at home? What makes you feel comfortable at home?

  1. Colour & Lighting

Different lighting styles in your home will not only emphasize the colour of your walls, but can also help create a focal point which plays a role on setting mood and atmosphere. For instance, selecting the right wall sconce can help to create an ambient glow, giving your guests a feeling of warmness and relaxation.

  1. Fixtures & Feel

Upon testing the water flow of a rain shower, you may have found yourself noticing the gentle pressure and the calming feeling it provided. Or, you may have been attracted to the rain style fixture and how it is noticeably different from a narrow, mobile showerhead. These features affect the way that we perceive a particular product, and ultimately the experience we have with it.

Now imagine your loved ones and individuals close to you, interacting with your space. Upon taking in your collection of lighting, bath and kitchen fixtures and the subtle messages they communicate, they will be having those “this is SO you!” moments right along with you! Who better to help you achieve this than our experts at Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre?

Take our quiz below to discover your design style! Visit a Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre showroom today to receive a one-on-one consultation with our industry expert staff. Backed with 75 years of experience, our staff are ready to help you achieve that balance between form and function, finding you fixtures that both perform and speak to your unique style.