Trending in Home Design: Walk-In Showers

July 3, 2015 6

There are many different looks for showers – from step-in bathtub showers to open-concept styles. The most common style of shower has a several-inch high step, or curb, at the door which is designed to keep water in. Because this style does not flow with today’s modern seamless bathrooms, a new style that is both seamless and water-safe has emerged—the walk-in shower.

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Dornbracht – MEM

The streamlined look of walk-in showers, or curbless showers as they’re also known in the design world, is becoming a firm staple of the modern bathroom. From glass-free open-concept versions to enclosed steam-room styles, these days our experts are seeing a strong preference for the curbless shower look.

Second floor - Master Ensuite 3
Hansgrohe – Bodyvette Stop, Rain Shower

These shower styles exude luxury and a clean aesthetic. They require more space in order to accommodate the larger splash zone, particularly with open-concept versions. Today’s overall bathroom trends are leaning to spacious concepts that are much roomier than yesterday’s bathrooms. In our highly connected world, many of our clients find that the bathroom is the only true place where peace and privacy can be found in the home. And so, bathrooms are becoming more and more coveted, spacious and luxurious in modern-day homes.

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Shower: Grohe – Rainshower, Hand Shower Power & Soul Cosmopolitan; Tub: Hytec

Basement - Bath (1)
Hansgrohe – Croma C 100 3-Jet Handshower

While there are many different options when choosing a shower design, we have a strong predilection for walk-in showers where space allows. This style is clean, luxurious and fuss-free.

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