The Kitchen Just Got Smarter With Foot Control Faucets

January 16, 2017 10

When to Use a Foot Control Faucet

The kitchen is one of the busiest places in the home.  Sometimes things happen quickly, and you might feel like you could use another arm to handle certain tasks. To alleviate this, some people have foot-controlled garbage cans to handle two-handed messes. You can also find kitchen faucets that activate from a simple touch near the spout. What if you are holding a heavy pot, though, or have your hands completely covered in raw hamburger meat? Touching the faucet doesn’t seem so easy in those cases. Faucets with motion sensors will allow you go hands-free, but you still need to have a hand free to activate the motion sensor.

That’s why GROHE’s FootControl faucets are designed for situations when you need to be completely hands-free — and when you don’t need to use foot control, the faucet will still function like a regular kitchen faucet.

The GROHE K7 Semi-Pro Medium and LadyLux3 Café Dual Spray Pull-Down Kitchen Faucets with FootControl are two examples of a fully functional faucets with the foot control feature.


How do Foot Control Faucets Work?

GROHE’s FootControl faucets are activated via a sensor mounted to the underside of your cabinet. The sensor connects to a control box that sits inside your cabinetry, so there’s no visible mechanism to clutter up your kitchen. In fact, people won’t know you have a foot control faucet unless you tell them!

To turn the water on, gently tap the sensor with your foot. When you’re ready to turn the water off, simply tap the sensor with your foot again. There’s no need to hold your foot on the sensor, so it’s convenient and comfortable to use.


Each FootControl kit comes with safety features built in to protect you and your family. The sensor comes with a timer that automatically shuts the water off after 60 seconds. This means that if you get distracted or need to walk away while filling a big soup pot, you don’t have to worry about flooding.

GROHE’s FootControl faucets also come with a built-in valve that automatically regulates temperature when you use the foot control feature. Even if you leave the hand control setting at its hottest, when you use the foot control feature, the water will adjust the temperature down to a pleasant pre-set warm temperature to avoid scalding.


If You Don’t Have a Foot Control Faucet

If you don’t have a foot control faucet but still would like the conveniences that FootControl offers, GROHE also offers the  Adaptor Kit to upgrade any GROHE pull-out and pull-down kitchen faucet to a FootControl faucet. It’s a simple upgrade for a plumber or handyman to install, and adds all the convenience as the two models mentioned above.

Style Meets Convenience with Foot Control Faucets

Once you make the switch to a foot control faucet, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. If you’re interested in making an upgrade in convenience, call or stop by Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre and ask about GROHE’s FootControl options.