Showerhead Inspirations: An Easy Upgrade This Spring

April 10, 2017 6

A showerhead is a quick and easy upgrade that can revitalize your bathroom and add simple pleasure to each day. Here are some showerhead inspirations to get you started. We asked one of our Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre experts what they thought of these unique and diverse showerhead systems.


Industrial Chic

The Brizo Litze Raincan is an industrial-looking showerhead is right at home in any modern or urban industrial bathroom. The classic look is both simple and sophisticated. With four spray settings, comfort always comes first.

Terri Pasitney, Saskatoon Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre: “The very latest in design without compromising function. Outstanding performance.”


Simple Reliability

If you’re looking for something more classic and basic from a showerhead, the Delta Water Efficient H20kinetic is a performance-based no-frills option. Showerheads in the H20kinetic series are designed with a water-saving wave pattern that actually feels like more water.

Terri: “This showerhead has stood the test of time for style with innovative and wonderful water performance.”


Modern Luxury with Classic Style

We’ve seen a major resurgence in rose gold lately throughout the home, and the unique finish has found its way into the shower. Combined with the newer trends of wide and flat design, the Dornbracht MEM in rose gold finish gives a rain shower experience with elements of old and new.


Versatile and Comfortable

These GROHE options are both practical and provide luxury. Having a showerhead and hand shower combo is a versatile way to get full shower coverage. The Tempesta hand shower might seem like a regular hand shower, but it’s no accident that a study showed nine out of ten people preferred it to their current hand shower. The Rainshower head provides a fully immerse experience each time you shower.

Terri: “Durable and functional with a bit of luxury too.“


Power & Soul

This GROHE Power & Soul hand shower features a button clicker to easily switch between sprayer settings. There’s a setting to match your mood from an invigorating morning jet, or a calming jungle rain to ease away the day.

Terri: I loved the spray functions on this so much, that I bought one for my own house.


Summer Rain

With 65 spray holes, this Raindance model from Hansgrohe provides a full and sumptuous showering experience. While there are other colour options, the gold finish in this example can turn an ordinary shower into a statement piece.

Terri: “Nothing is more luxurious than a true rainshower experience, even from a hand shower.”


Kohler Forté

Featuring a classic design, this Kohler Forté multi-function showerhead offers water conservation without sacrificing style. The bell-shape allows for a wide all-encompassing spray that can revive or relax.

Terri:  “And the beautiful and unique shower arm is a great addition to a classic showerhead.”


A Little Fun

Get the ultimate shower experience by bringing your music in the shower with you. The Kohler Moxie series from Kohler has an integrated Bluetooth speaker to make showering fun with your favourite tunes, or to catch up on the morning news. We won’t tell if you want to sing a little karaoke, though.


What Do Our Experts Look for in a Showerhead?

With all of the innovative water spray patterns that are available, the key to purchasing the right showerhead is to think about how you want to feel during and after a shower. It’s not just about cleaning yourself anymore. It’s acceptable to take a little more time for yourself to meditate and relax or feel invigorated. With many ecologically sensible showerheads on the market, you can still be conscious of the environment while feeling like you’ve had a day at the spa.

At Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre, we feel that bathrooms upgrades can be simple, easy and transformational. Stop by your local showroom to see many of the options available and find your style.