Perfect BLANCO Sinks for the Perfect Chef

March 28, 2016 14

Kitchens are said to be the heart of the home and we couldn’t agree more. That said, your kitchen sink is the powerhouse of the kitchen, with meals prepared, shared and cleaned up all in one space. Playing a vital role in your kitchen, your sink needs to stand up to the daily challenges and regular use.

When you’re cooking for a holiday party, a birthday or even a simple family meal, the right kitchen sink can simplify your work and make washing, chopping, mincing and cleaning easy. Check out these gorgeous sinks from BLANCO and see how utility and style come together.



BLANCO – PRECIS™ Medium Single Sink with Drainboard


For chefs who love preparing delicious salads and fruit desserts, the BLANCO PRECIS™ allows you to quickly wash, chop, slice and dice fruits and vegetables with ease – all in one spot.

This is the perfect sink for the chef with big ideas and a small kitchen area. No more moving from sink to cutting board to counter. With the BLANCO PRECIS™, you can do it all in one place. Add in any of BLANCO’s useful kitchen accessories, such as the drainboard, to make preparation and clean-up even faster. Spread the drainboard across the sink and it becomes its own workspace. When you need a cutting board, swap the drainboard into for BLANCO’s cutting board and lay it across the sink. Featured in eight beautiful colours, this sink is made of 80% natural granite and its surface resists scratches, stains and almost all alkali solutions found in the home.



BLANCO – DIAMOND™ U 2 Low Divide Sink


When you have a large family and guests running in and out of the house, your sink fills up fast. Even though your dishwasher does most of the dirty work, you still need a sink that can handle a pre-rinse and look fabulous while doing it, this is why we recommend the BLANCO DIAMOND™ U 2 Low Divide Sink.

This stunning two-bowl sink offers plenty of space for juggling more than one task at a time. Pre-rinse dishes on one side while your meat defrosts on the other side. The sink has a Hygenic+Plus surface protection formula, which protects the surface against bacteria. If you have raw meat or chicken, you won’t have to worry about leftover bacteria in the sink mixing with other ingredients.

Made of natural granite composite material, the BLANCO DIAMOND™ U 2 Low Divide Sink comes in a variety of colours to match any style. Since it’s made of granite, the surface resists scratches and does not absorb liquids, stains or acids. Its non-porous surface also means that you will not need to use harsh chemicals often found in cleaning solutions to keep this sink clean. A simple all-purpose cleaner or natural ingredient solution will suffice.



BLANCO – IKON™ Apron Front Kitchen Sink


Some people think a sink is just for food preparation and cleaning, but with a variety of sinks and finishes available to choose from your sink can also be a statement piece for your kitchen, similar to a light fixture or accent furniture.

BLANCO’s new IKON™ Apron Front Kitchen Sink brings the apron front farmhouse-style sink to the 21st century and it is a great way to add an elegant focal point to your kitchen, and the sink itself is impressively large and deep.

Unlike traditional farmhouse sinks, the IKON™ Apron Front Sink is made from the finest natural granite composite, SILGRANIT® material, which makes it highly resistant to scratches, heat and direct impact. If your children love helping out in the kitchen, this design will stand up to any spills or scratches.

When you’re remodelling you kitchen, the dream comes to life in quality craftsmanship that blends form and function. Rely on Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre’s industry expert staff and 80 years of experience. Visit a showroom near you for quality products and expert service.