How to Use Negative Space to Add Dimension to Your Lighting

November 21, 2016 6

Every good interior design needs one element that’s slightly offbeat from the rest in order to make the rest of the room come alive. Without this differing piece of the design puzzle, even the most pulled-together rooms can appear flat, boring, or bland. Therefore, our experts recommend that you include something whimsical or contrasting with the rest of the design to help catch the eye. If you’re not interested in whimsy or in drama, however, adding something unexpected to the design can also work in the same way. One way to do this is to use a light fixture that makes use of negative space within the room.

“Negative space” refers to the empty, unused space between elements. In the case of lighting, for example, stylish fixtures make use of empty space by having strong outlines with empty space in the middle of the fixture.  We recommend picking a fixture that features geometric lines or intersecting forms, with the bulbs exposed for an airy feel, rather than a having the bulbs enclosed behind glass. And with light fixtures from Hinkley Lighting, you can do this more easily than you may have realized.


Taking Up (Negative) Space

While any light fixture that you put in a room is going to take up space, it’s the amount of space and the amount of negative space that it takes up that’s important to your design.  When you’re looking for that slightly unexpected touch that can offset the rest of a room, consider adding a light fixture that uses negative space to make an impression, such as the Quentin 6-light Chandelier from Hinkley.

Remember that in most interior situations, your furnishings are going to be substantial, solid, and able to withstand day-to-day use. This is what makes a light like the Quentin so appealing; it makes just a much use of the empty interior areas as it does its heavy, metal curves. Hung above a dining room table, it suggests weightlessness — the perfect foil for a heavy, substantial table. Together, the two elements create that needed dimension that brings the room together.



Repeating Lines With Negative Space

Another way you can add dimension to a room in your home is through repetition of lines. Using the same shapes and lines over and over again in subtle ways brings depth to the room, reinforcing the overall design.

Repeating lines can be done in a few different ways. You can locate lines already within the room, such as ceiling beams, the curve of a counter, or the plane of a table, and find a fixture that mimics them, or you can hang multiples of the same fixture again and again.

The Hinkley Fulton 18” Pendant in Bronze with Heritage Brass makes finding and repeating lines simple. The clean lines of the pendant’s exterior can match the lines on ceilings, floors, shelving, and other clean, solid, and substantial elements within the room. And with its open design and negative space in the middle, it also means you can repeat the pendant without overwhelming the room at the same time.



Layer for Added Dimension

In addition to repetition, another way to add dimension to a room is by adding depth. Depth comes both from the visual perception of an item and from how it takes up space. For example, a fixture such as the Fulton Chandelier, which uses layer upon layer of pendants hung together in one dramatic gesture, brings an unexpected “wow factor” to the space in three ways.

  1. This large, eye-catching chandelier helps to create a focal point in the room.
  2. Its open, airy design maximizes the use negative space and allows you to see the bulbs so the fixture doesn’t look heavy or overburdens the room.
  3. The multiple bulbs, at differing levels, gives off substantial amounts of light, which in turn can make the room appear larger than it is.

All together this fixture adds dimension to the room by drawing the eye and making you look around and through the fixture at once. No room can ever be considered bland, flat, or boring with this fixture installed.



Each of Hinkley’s fixtures makes you rethink the way that space and negative space is used within a design. And this, in turn, adds that dimension and distinction that a room needs to come alive.

When you’re ready to add dimension to your interiors, stop into a Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre location. Our expert staff can help you find the perfect fixture to light up your rooms in style. Stop in today to get started and help make your interiors shine with Hinkley.