Discover The Luxury of Design Freedom With a Freestanding Tub

August 14, 2015 4

Finding the right bathtub is one of the most personal decisions you can make for your home. Your bathtub is the place you go to rejuvenate, regenerate and recharge. It’s a special place to remain uninterrupted from the outside world. But with so many options available today, how do you choose between the different shapes, sizes and styles?

While different bathtubs make sense for different spaces and lifestyle needs, one of our favourite choices is the freestanding tub. This style certainly isn’t suited to all bathrooms, as it requires ample space. However, when the luxury of space is available, no other style of tub quite exudes the elegance of the freestanding tub.

One of our favourite lines of freestanding tubs comes from MAAX, with two styles that truly stand out for their versatile appeal—the Ella Embossed and the Ella Sleek. These two tubs offer diversity and sophistication to suit any style.

Where most bathtubs require placement against a wall, freestanding tubs are independent, with the ability to live more spaciously. Freestanding tubs are an effective way to enhance a luxurious feel to your bathroom. Found in celebrity homes, boutique European hotels, and in design magazines, freestanding tubs are a sign of extravagance and splendour.

MAAX – Ella Embossed Freestanding Tub

What draws us specifically to the Ella collection is the diversity afforded by the different two styles. The Ella Embossed tub combines the grace of a classic white oval bathtub with the stunning embossed detailing, to transform your bathroom into a timeless and luxurious sanctuary. This style evokes old-world European luxury and will be a perfect match for a traditional home with a timeless appeal, taking centre stage in your home.

MAAX – Ella Sleek Freestanding Tub

The Ella Sleek tub has the same classic oval shape and depth for long luxurious soaks. This tub’s exterior is sleek, simple and sophisticated, with a smooth finish that makes a great fit for contemporary spaces. For a contemporary, minimalist look, opt for a classic colour like white. For a look that’s out of the ordinary and reflective of your bold personalities, opt for one of the bold colour palettes like baby blue, silver, pink or charcoal. Regardless of which colour scheme you choose, this tub is guaranteed to standout and make a statement in your bathroom.

With more than 75 years of experience helping customers choose bathtubs, we have the experience to guide customers down the path to perfection. From personal style to lifestyle, we take everything into account when helping you select the fixtures that make your house your home. Visit a Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre showroom near you for an expert consultation.