Trending in Home Design: Combining Luxury and Function in the Kitchen

April 4, 2016 14

It may seem at times lately, that there are two different trends competing for the same space in the kitchen design; adding both luxury and function to your kitchen. These two design elements don’t have to be separate. After all, luxury in the kitchen often involves making the space easier to use, which is part of what function is as well. Therefore, the best kitchen designs being made today combine luxury and function into one outstanding style.

The best way to meld these two elements is to look for products that not only make your kitchen space easier to use but can also improve both the use of space and enhance your kitchen’s aesthetic at the same time.

One example of this is GROHE’s K7 Semi-Pro Pull-out Kitchen Faucet. This gantry-style faucet makes a luxurious statement above your sink, elevating your kitchen design to that of a serious gourmet eatery. At the same time, however, the pull-down faucet and flexible neck make it incredibly easy to use, helping you get your dishes done faster than ever. Now you can have that luxury and function in one package, setting your kitchen apart from the ordinary.


GROHE – K7 Semi-Pro Pull-out Kitchen Faucet


Remember that your personal style is also an important part of combining these two design components as well. Just like a faucet will call attention to the sink area, anything you add to the kitchen needs to make the statement you’re after and call attention to the design you’re creating.

A good example of how to ensure that you get that blend of luxury, style, and function at once is adding pendant lights to your kitchen’s workspace. We recommend the versatile Larmes Pendants from ET2. A set of these delicate, tear-dropped shaped lights will evenly illuminate a counter, peninsula or island in your kitchen so you can get the specific task lighting you need, especially since you can control exactly where you place each light for optimum results. At the same time, a bold array of pendant lights will set the tone for the rest of the room, bringing a sense of luxury and style that will allow you to draw from it when choosing the accessories for the rest of the space.



ET2 – Larmes Pendant


Luxury and function may sound like two separate things but combined in today’s hottest kitchens they embody everything you could ask for in the perfect kitchen design.

There are numerous ways you can get this perfect blend of style, function, and luxury in your kitchen design. At Robinson Lighting and Bath Centre, our industry experts have the knowledge to help you find the perfect components for your kitchen. Visit a showroom near you to find that blend of function and luxury you’re looking for, as well as the design advice to pull it all together.