Lighting Your Rustic Modern Home

October 11, 2016 11

Rustic modern is the latest transitional style to gain popularity amongst homeowners today. The style embodies the lived-in, homey feeling of a rustic setting, but with clean, industrial lines more often associated with modern design. The result is an interior design style that transcends both its parts to become something unique, interesting, and with widespread appeal. Creating rustic modern design sometimes means having to choose elements of one style or the other, blending and merging them together within each room. For the main elements of the room, such as the lighting, however, it’s important to try to find fixtures that combine those elements naturally, such as those designed by Artcraft. This gives your home balance, completing the transition between the two designs and letting you achieve the look you’re after.


Combining Styles

It can be difficult to envision rustic modern design before you have a chance to see it at work in a home. The two designs are starkly different from one another, yet combine beautifully when used in one space. The trick to blending or transitioning effortlessly from one design to the next is balance; you need to use the same amount of each element within the design. Rustic and modern decors are complementary to one another, being opposites, and therefore each one will highlight the other when placed side-by-side.

So when you’re looking for a light fixture to complete a room, look for lights that showcase both elements in equal measure. For example, look at this Danbury Chandelier from Artcraft. The Danbury Chandelier features both warm texture through its rope detailing, and industrial, exposed light bulbs around the perimeter. Pairing the two and bringing the designs together is the warm, rust colour of the metal. The effect is perfect for creating a focal point in a dining room or kitchen within a space with a slightly industrial vibe. This chandelier is sure to up the coziness factor of the room.

Rustic modern chandelier

Danbury Chandelier – Artcraft


Rustic Modern Makes a Statement

Rustic modern design is extremely eye-catching and designed to get maximum attention. However, it is sometimes possible for the textures and finishes that are used to overwhelm a space so that nothing gets the attention it deserves. The way to fix this is to create a focus that goes beyond the two main design elements in the room, while still preserving them both. For this, you need a light fixture that will not only illuminate the space, but make a statement at the same time. The Artcraft Jersey Chandelier does just that. With industrial-style lightbulbs facing in numerous directions, this chandelier is more of a piece of art than a strictly utilitarian fixture. It will bring the attention and focus you need back to your design.




Rustic moden Jersey chandelier

Jersey Chandelier – Artcraft
REG: $563, NOW: $399*


 Complement the Setting

A lot of homeowners turn to rustic modern design because their space suggests it. Industrial homes, converted spaces, and other modern settings often call out for a homier design that can still pay homage to the building’s bones. If you have a home that has bare or sparse architecture, including soaring ceilings, brick or concrete walls, or industrial flooring, your lighting fixture should pair well with these attributes. A fussy or overly stylized fixture would contrast too much with the architecture of the room, which is why a simpler fixture like Artcraft’s Edison Pendant works so well in these spaces. Its long lines and bare, industrial bulbs complement the simplicity of an industrial setting, bringing charm back to the room.

Rustic modern edison pendant

Edison Pendant – Artcraft
REG: $433, NOW: $299*


Add Some Warmth

If rustic modern décor has a drawback, it’s that it can sometimes come lean too far in the direction of industrial design, making rooms seem a little too impersonal or cold. If you notice this in your home, you can easily use your lighting to correct it by adding back a little warmth into the rooms. The Artcraft Menlo Park Chandelier is the perfect finishing touch for rustic modern rooms that are beginning to look too sterile. The chandelier features a warm-coloured, glass encased, industrial bulb and a rust-coloured metal finish to match. It nods just enough to the industrial style to fit in well to a modern home, but brings warmth, charm, and interest with it at the same time.

rustic modern menlo park

Menlo Park Chandelier – Artcraft
REG: $559, NOW: $399*

Like any transitional design, rustic modern has a lot of wiggle room in how you’ll complete the look. For more ideas and inspiration check out our special Fall Flyer prices by clicking the picture below. Then, stop into any Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre showroom to get the expert advice you need on finding the perfect lighting for you home, and save hundreds on top-end luxury fixtures.


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