Lighting Your Home for the Holidays

October 31, 2016 6

The holidays are fast approaching, and with them comes your holiday guests. Whether you’re simply throwing a cocktail party for the neighbours or you’re inviting your entire extended family to stay, you want your home looking its best at this time of year. You’ve probably put a lot of thought into your furnishings, room layout, and decorations — now it’s time to show them off and call attention to them with the perfect holiday lighting. There are a few key areas of the home you want to focus on when planning your lighting for your guests’ arrival. Doing so will ensure your décor is the hit of the holiday season.


Create an Eye-Catching Entrance

Your entryway is the first thing your guests will see when they enter your home. This is true of all visitors from carolers to those coming from far away, so it’s important to start here when evaluating your lighting needs.

Your entrance sets the tone for the rest of the home, which makes it a great place to get people into a festive spirit. To that end, consider some holiday lighting that will complement your decorations while putting people in the mood to celebrate at the same time. Another tip for creating a breathtaking entranceway is to mimic the shapes and lines already in the room so that the fixture is amplifying what’s already there.

For example, the Alpine Chandelier from Hudson Valley Lighting mirrors the shape of the door just beyond it. Both have a strong frame, yet allow light to pass through without shade or impediment, so the fixture becomes an elegant and understated focal point framed by the larger door and creates the illusion of open space. Filled with sparkle, this light sets the tone for a fantastic holiday season.

Holiday Lighting Entrance

Alpine Chandelier – Hudson Valley Lighting


Set the Mood for Dining

Many holiday celebrations revolve around food, which is why it’s so important to make sure your dining room table is featured prominently in your décor. Many people choose to hang a chandelier or pendant lighting above their dining room table to help create a focal point for the room. This helps to create the right mood and to bring people to the table.

Make sure when you’re selecting holiday lighting for your dining room that the fixture you choose is large enough and does not put the ends of the table into shadow. This can be problematic for larger tables, but there are two solutions:

  1. Find a longer light, like the dazzling Eclyptix Chandelier from Schonbek:
Holiday Lighting for Dining Room Schonbek

Eclyptix Chandelier in Gold – Schonbek
Get This Look With:
Eclyptix Chandelier in White – Schonbek

  1. Consider using multiple lights to cast the right amount of illumination over the table evenly from end to end. If you choose this second method, we recommend a fixture similar to the Equinox  Chandelier from Progress Lighting, which is self-contained and ideal for using in multiples:
Holiday Lighting Chandelier Dining Room

Equinox Chandelier in Burnished Silver – Progress Lighting
Get This Look With:
Equinox Chandelier in Antique Bronze


Update Your Bathroom Lighting

Whether you’re having guests using your guest bathroom for a week, or you’re simply updating your powder room before your holiday party, it’s important to include good lighting in the space. Guests need access to lighting that can let them touch up makeup or get ready for their day.

Vanity lighting provides essential task lighting within the bathroom, yet often gets overlooked in favour of ambient lights in the room. Using a dedicated vanity light ensures that your guests can make the most of the sink area, whatever their needs. Vanity lighting also helps put a focus on this area, as well, which is ideal for small powder rooms. The Span 24” Vanity from Tech Lighting provides unique, subtle lighting to the bathroom, giving your guests the illumination they need without glare or harsh overhead bulbs.

Holiday Lighting Bathroom

Span 24” Vanity – Tech Lighting
REG $546, NOW $409*


Give Your Living Room a Makeover

A simple swap of your current lighting fixtures for something new and fresh can give a quick facelift to your living room or bedroom areas. Remember that ambient light is important for setting the mood and tone for a room. In the living room, choose a festive, eye-catching fixture that puts your guests in a party mood, like the Zeppa Chandelier with Metal Shades from Schonbek. For the guest bedroom, choose something that will make your guests feel as though they’re wrapped in luxury, such as the Schonbek Petit Crystal Deluxe Flush Mount fixture.

Holiday Lighting Guest Bedroom

Zeppa Chandelier with Metal Shades – Schonbek
REG $4,329, NOW $2,999*

The holidays are a time to get together with loved ones and if you’re hosting festivities this year you want your home looking its best. Most people don’t think to upgrade their lighting for the holidays, but often it can have the most dramatic and impressive impact on the look of your home.