These LED Downlights Prove that Recessed Lighting Can Be Romantic Too

October 17, 2016 10

Lighting is one of the most important parts of any interior design. Without it, your home wouldn’t be as usable or as functional as it is. There are three important types of lighting that every room needs to look its best – ambient, task and mood lighting. These crucial lighting forms help illuminate rooms for any situation, becoming the backdrop to your décor rather than the focus of it. Downlighting, or recessed lighting, can help provide both of these lighting forms, enabling you to make the most of any room. And with JUNO’s Recessed LED Downlights with WarmDim® Technology, you can get the lighting you need, along with the control, functionality and energy efficiency you want to make your home look and perform its best.


Functional Warmth

Recessed downlights provide lighting to large areas at a time, which is beneficial for areas such as living rooms and kitchens that need a lot of light. This means they are frequently installed as the main light source within a room. This is what makes JUNO’s WarmDim LED lights so attractive — the colour of the lights change as they dim, going from bright, white light to a softer, warmer light more reminiscent of incandescent lights. Using them enables you to control not only the amount of light within the room but also the mood as well.

JUNO’s WarmDim technology brings atmosphere and romance to the world of LED lighting. Unlike traditional LED dimming, WarmDim downlights warm as they dim, creating an ambience previously exclusive to incandescent dimming. All WarmDim downlights use far less energy than any comparable light sources and last dramatically longer while delivering ultra-efficient, high-performance illumination, simultaneously capturing the warm glow and ambience of incandescent dimming.

JUNO Recessed LED Lights


Highlighting Your Interiors

Recessed lighting is often overlooked in interior design, simply because many people don’t feel that it adds anything to the room’s style. This is the wrong way to think about downlighting, however. Downlights aren’t meant to draw your eye, they’re meant to highlight and illuminate the rest of the room’s interior. In other words, they provide that crucial ambient light that makes a room usable, functional and looking its best.

Recessed LED lights should blend in with your décor, discreetly providing illumination in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, or anywhere in the home. This is why JUNO’s Recessed LED Downlights come in several sizes and collar finishes, enabling you to get illumination anywhere you need it.

LED Recessed Lights Fire


Small Lights, Big Illumination

One of the most attractive things about recessed LED lights, is their ability to provide a lot of illumination in a very small area. For example, the 4” IC 600 Lumen WarmDim downlight from JUNO is small enough to be installed anywhere, even in tight spaces, yet provides enough illumination to be considered a task light. Best of all, the LED lights by JUNO only use around 12% of the electricity that a standard light fixture would, giving you powerful illumination, perfect mood control, and ease of placement for a fraction of the utility costs you would expect.

LED Recessed Lights Bed

Think of downlighting as a way to call attention to your interiors and enhance them – not take the focus away from them. With WarmDim LED lights from JUNO, you can have the illumination and control you need to make the most of any room in your home.

Visit a Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre location to find out more about how you can include recessed LED lights in your interior design. Our expert staff can show you how easy it is to use these lights to provide the task or ambient lighting you need for your home. Stop in today and warm up your interiors with a new set of lights from JUNO.

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