Light Up Your Home with LED Light Fixtures

August 29, 2016 30

Most people have already begun to swap out their old lightbulbs and fixtures for newer models, with incandescent lightbulbs slowly leaving the market and being replaced with newer, more energy efficient options. However, many still remain confused as to what the best option is. LED – light emitting diode – bulbs are more than three times as efficient as compact florescent lighting (CFL) and more than 80% more efficient than old fashioned incandescent lights. This means that you’ll not only spend less each month on your electric bill, you’ll also spend less time swapping out lightbulbs. Learn some of the other benefits of making the switch to LED light fixtures for your home to make the best choices possible.


Brighter, Truer Light

You’re probably used to the colour put out by incandescent bulbs – that sort of yellowy glow that turns everyone orange in your indoor photographs. And you may also be familiar with the greenish tinge of florescent lights as well. LED light fixtures are different. They use a balance of different colours – red, yellow, and green – which gives you a brighter, truer light and colour in the room the light is installed in. Think of daylight filtering in from your windows; this is the colour you’ll get day or night when you use an LED light fixture in your home.

This is especially beneficial for bathrooms; when you invest in an LED vanity light, such as the Span 24” Vanity from Tech Lighting, you’ll get truer light for your morning routine.


LED Light Fixtures - Span 24” Bathroom Vanity - Tech Lighting

Span 24” Bathroom Vanity – Tech Lighting


Instant Brightness, Better Dimming

CFL are another alternative to incandescent lighting, and one that many people are already familiar with. Unfortunately, they have a warm up period where you turn on the light; you have to wait for it to slowly grow to its true colour and brightness. LED lights, however, turn on to their full brightness immediately with no waiting period. So for those times when you only need to be in a room for a few minutes, and really need that light to help you navigate the space, LED light fixtures will get you there faster.

LED light fixtures also work with dimmers – something that most CFL lights often do not – so you can set the mood at your dining room table with some Brummel Grande Pendants from Tech Lighting on a dimmer switch to get just the right amount of light for any occasion.


LED Light Fixtures - Brummel Grande Pendants - Tech Lighting

Brummel Grande Pendants – Tech Lighting


Style and Interest

Before LED light fixtures started to become popular as an alternative to incandescent fixtures, they first gained popularity as a stylish and fun lighting option. This hasn’t changed. LED light fixtures are often more stylish and have more options for complementing your décor than other types of lighting do.

For the bathroom, consider the Kendal Aurora Vanity light, which will add depth and interest as well as light to your bath.


LED Light Fixtures - Aurora Vanity light - Kendal

Aurora Vanity light – Kendal


For statement areas, consider the Surge Linear Suspension from Tech Lighting to make a big impact on a room’s style.


LED Light Fixtures - Surge Linear Suspension - Tech Lighting

Surge Linear Suspension – Tech Lighting


Whichever type of fixture you choose, it’s probable that LED light fixtures are going to impact your home’s design – as well as your utility bills – in a big way.


As the incandescent light fade out continues, your choices in LED light fixtures are going to continue to grow. Whether you want mood lighting, accent lighting, or task lighting, LED light can give you the colour, brightness, and energy savings you’re after.

When you’re ready to make the switch, come into Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre where our expert staff can help you determine which LED light fixtures are right for you. Stop in today and get a free consultation to start seeing your home in a whole new light.