How to Add an Element of Fantasy to Your Lighting

February 20, 2017 12

Spring is right around the corner, and it’s a time of renewal and refreshment, when creativity starts flowing, and people think about updating their homes. At Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre, spring is when we get excited about the new and innovative products coming in to our showrooms. Sometimes the difference between good and great lighting design is choosing fixtures that activate the imagination. These fixtures from Kuzco show off three different ways you can incorporate a sense of fantasy into your home.


The Historical Approach

A common trend we’ve seen is taking the influences of the past and updating them with a fresh look, but still carrying a vintage feel. Often, these influences come from Victorian, Edwardian or even mid-20th- century styles, but there’s no reason that your design can’t be inspired by going even further back in history.

The symmetrical and bold Turin Chandelier carries medieval influences of a candlelit hall with a modern LED update. The bubble acrylic and up-and-down light add a dramatic atmosphere to your dining or entrance space. Pictured here is the Vintage Brass finish for a more traditional look from bygone days of kings and queens. If you’re looking for a more modern aesthetic, the Polished Nickel finish will have a more updated look.


The Bold Fantasy Approach

If subtlety isn’t your style, there’s always the option of going big and bold. Sometimes you want to make a statement with something that brings a little magic and radiance to the room. An eye-catching light fixture can work especially well when most of your décor is softer and understated, and you contrast it with an adventurous chandelier.

The Holm Chandelier evokes magic and romance with its quartz-like crystals. Throwing light both up and down creates a stunning effect that must be seen to be believed, and it’s available in Polished Nickel and Vintage Brass finishes for total design versatility.


The Light & Formless Approach

Light fixtures don’t have to be heavy and imposing to make an impression, though. Sometimes the opposite approach can have just as dramatic an effect. Something that looks weightless and will add an element of whimsy to areas where you’ll be entertaining.

The light and airy Artemis Pendant adds an astral element to your living space. Named for the Greek goddess of the moon, this fixture mimics the glow and serenity of our celestial neighbour. The Artemis comes in three sizes ranging from 8 1/4” to 16 1/3,” so you can mix and match for sizes for a unique appearance.


Bring the Kuzco Fantasy Home With You

These are only a few of the fanciful Kuzco options available at Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre. The lighting you choose for your home is where creativity and the unusual can add personality to your home. Spring is coming, and it’s the perfect time to start fresh with a quick and easy update to your lighting.  If you try adding something fun and new, you might be surprised how much more you love your home. Stop by one of our showrooms and see where your imagination takes you.