Create a Cohesive Design with the Kohler Dream Kitchen & Bathroom Rebate

April 24, 2017 35

The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most frequently used spaces in the home. So shouldn’t those spaces reflect the time you spend there, both in function and in style? More people than ever before are beginning to focus on these areas, creating a cohesive design in your kitchen and bathroom to make you feel happy just to be at home. And now it’s easier than ever before to get the bathroom or kitchen design of your dreams with the Kohler Dream Kitchen & Bathroom Rebate. Get up to $1,000 back on your Kohler purchases. This offer is only available at our branches that are registered Kohler distributor showrooms: Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Saskatoon.


Creating a Cohesive Kitchen

There are a lot of different kitchen designs and styles out there. And you may find that there are components of a few different ones that you like, such as the subway tile of a Country kitchen with the sink of a Farmhouse design and the flooring of a more contemporary space. It’s important, though that your kitchen have a cohesive feel to it that can pull everything together, and one way to do this is by repeating, one element throughout the room, such as your faucetry.

The Artifacts® Pull-down Kitchen Faucet is the perfect blend of modern convenience and traditional décor. It’s also the perfect starting point for creating that cohesive design in your kitchen, by giving you a focus and a suite of other faucets to pair it with.

Completing the Look

Having an anchor piece, like the Artifacts Pull-Down Faucet, is just the first step toward creating a beautiful, polished-looking design. From here, you need to incorporate other elements that repeat, such as the Artifacts® Gentleman’s™ Bar Sink Faucet and the Artifacts® Wall-mount Pot Filler. Combined, the three pieces set the tone for the rest of the room, and give it a finished and cohesive design that makes it easy to follow up on with accents, lighting, and hardware.

Subtly Cohesive

For bathrooms, where the space tends to be smaller and you have fewer elements in play, it’s sometimes better to be a bit subtle in creating that cohesive design within the room. While it’s fine to have fixtures that match one another, it often makes a more interesting design with far more depth to it if you can create a space that works well, yet doesn’t necessarily match.

Just like in the kitchen, it’s important to have an anchoring piece in the room. In this case, the toilet, such as Kohler’s San Souci™ Comfort Height® One-piece Toilet is the perfect place to start. This sleek, one-piece toilet fits perfectly into numerous designs, while its curves set the stage for other elements within the room to follow.


Rounding Out the Design

Once you have an anchoring piece in the bathroom design, you can use various design elements within it complete that cohesive design. For example, the Alteo® Single-handle Lavatory Faucet has a similar aesthetic and curve to its body that the San Souci has, making it the ideal complement in the sink area, without necessarily matching down to the last detail.


While in the shower area, the Moxie® Showerhead gives you the same aesthetic, along with the added bonus of sound through its wireless built-in Bluetooth® speaker. The speaker docks directly into the showerhead, so your music is closer than ever when showering. While it plays your favourite sounds, this revolutionary showerhead generates a full-coverage, revitalizing spray of water for a sensory experience like no other. Moxie® is easy to install and use; the wireless speaker pops out for recharging, then securely pops back in for use while showering. You can even take it with you as a wireless speaker to use in any room of the house, or on the go.


Together, the three pieces create a look in the bathroom that is sleek, seamless, and far beyond ordinary or merely functional.

Bringing different design elements together into one is what truly makes a home beautiful in extraordinary ways. Look for ways to combine cohesive elements into one style to make the most of your space.


When you’re ready to find the perfect design for your kitchen and bathroom, visit Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre. Our design experts can help you find the right pieces that fit your home and style. And while you’re completing your space, don’t forget the Kohler Dream Kitchen & Bathroom Rebate to help you save while you get the look you want.

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