How to Work a Chandelier in Every Space

April 18, 2016 13

Successful interior design thrives on two key factors: wow-factor and elements of the unexpected. If we had to pick just one decor item that delivers on both, it would definitely be the transformative power of a chandelier. Our experts have selected some of their favourite Schonbek chandeliers to showcase how to add elegance to every space and style imaginable.

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Schonbek – Olde World Crystal Chandelier

From Venetian to Austrian to French-cut crystal, the alluring glint of a classic chandelier needs little recommendation. The pinnacle of old-world elegance, a fine crystal chandelier is the ultimate choice for any great room. When the crystal chandelier was introduced, its place was in hallways, living rooms and dining rooms. And though it’s no surprise to find its glint adding luxury to a traditional room, the wow factor of the Olde World Crystal Chandelier from Schonbek still gets us ever time!

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Schonbek – Bagatelle Pendant Chandelier

Need double the effect without overdoing it? Scale down the size and style but not the elegance with a pendant chandelier like the Bagatelle. The Bagatelle is also a great option for hallways and entryways. Line them up in succession to light up a long hallway or hang one low over a round foyer table to create a dramatic focal point.

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Schonbek – Bagatelle 8-Light Crystal Chandelier

This beautiful old-world space has been given the “natural glam” treatment, with stripped-down plank flooring and white-washed plasterwork, made more contemporary by the mix of solid-colour furniture from different decades. Here, you can see how a traditional chandelier, like Schonbek’s Bagatelle Crystal Chandelier, stands out amid the more modern pieces, working with the rest of the decor to create the feel of more relaxed sophistication.

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Schonbek – Rivendell 16-Light Chandelier

Sometimes all you need is an A-frame ceiling and perfect symmetry to set your room alight with a beauty like Schonbek’s Rivendell Chandelier. Taking full advantage of the sweeping height, the exquisite light fixture and stone fireplace are the unmistakable focal points before a backdrop of neutral, transitional furniture. It’s fine crystal brings an unmatched delight when coupled with natural materials such as stone, metal, and wood.

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Schonbek – Eclyptix

Modern Chandeliers

Think chandeliers are just for traditional spaces? The Schonbek Eclyptix is a perfect example of how the chandelier has evolved to reflect today’s most popular modern styles and aesthetic. If clean lines and white-on-white is your heart’s desire, it doesn’t mean that a touch of glamour isn’t an option. Choose a chandelier in a modern, sleek form to bring a bit of that trusted wow-factor to a contemporary space.

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Schonbek – Trilliane Chandelier

In the recent decades, the bathroom has become a favoured place to honour with a chandelier. And why not? Since time to soak for the eternally busy generation is indeed a luxury. This bathroom is an expert play on all the rustic elements of a French country chateau with the eclectic Trilliance Chandelier.

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Schonbek – Equinoxe

Of course, if you’re looking to open the door onto a lasting first impression, the entryway is the perfect place to get your crystal fix. Take cue from the mansion in South Palm Beach where the incredibly glamorous entryway and spiral stair is wound around the awe-inspiring Equinoxe large pendant chandelier. Talk about wow-factor!

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