How Light Fixtures Can Add Texture to Your Room

June 20, 2016 27

Imagine this: you’ve just finished designing your French country kitchen. You have your ornate white cabinets and appliances all ready for your next big meal. But what about texture? How do you bring that rustic texture to your new French country kitchen without bringing in a bale full of hay? One of the best ways to naturally introduce texture to your room is through your light fixture. Rather than plastering your walls with gaudy decorations, you can use light fixtures to bring just enough texture to your rooms without overwhelming them.

Check out these beautiful light fixtures from Feiss and see how one light fixture can add the much-needed texture your room deserves.


Contrasting Metal & Glass

Feiss – Botanic 4-Light Pendant Drum in Aged Pewter


Try combining a smooth metal finish with glass. When combined, metal and glass bring both beauty and texture to any living room, and they’re easy to layer with other textures. In the living room, for example, a fuzzy blanket draped over the back of your couch will fold in nicely with the Botanic 4-Light Pendant Drum in Aged Pewter. It is the perfect contrast of metal and glass; the metal drum encases the light bulb, and the glass diffuser below is carved into a floral pattern. When the light hits it just so, it refracts, casting glittering lights all over your living room.

Crystals for Colour & Feel

Crystals can change a room’s vibe just by their shape. Prisms and finely cut crystals give dramatic texture while smooth crystals provide a softer, more gentle mood.


Feiss – Marquise 3-Light Pendant


In the kitchen, a crystal-textured light fixture can break up the wood and granite textures. For example, the Marquise 3-Light Pendant is lined with crystals, making the fixture completely unique from anything else in your kitchen. When the light hits the crystal beading, it creates a dazzling effect. The geometric shape with empty spaces makes your kitchen look bigger while taking up very little space.


Feiss – Malia Chandelier


The Malia Chandelier creates a stunning centrepiece along with plenty of texture for any living room, dining room or foyer. The clean lines of the metal bring order to the strung-up crystals in all different positions. Shaped like flattened marbles, these crystals evoke the smooth texture of a pebble from a stream, giving your room a relaxed, mellow feel.

Layer Textures

In some rooms, you may feel limited to only one or two textures. In your living room, you might have a plush couch and wooden end tables, and in your kitchen, you may be limited to wood and stainless steel. With the right light fixture, you can break up the textures in the room without overloading it.


Feiss – Corinne 3-Light Crystal Inlay Globe Pendant Orb


Take the Corinne 3-Light Crystal Inlay Globe Pendant Orb for example, this piece brings a new texture to a room without overwhelming the textures already in place. With its sides cut out, the fixture looks minimalist while providing plenty of light for reading or cooking.

Texture can liven up a room and give it an all new look and feel. If you need helping to give your room a textured look or are looking for lighting advice, visit Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre. Our experts will help you choose the right lighting fixtures for any room in your home. Stop by our showroom today!