Spring Forward: Elevate Your Kitchen With High-Tech, High Style Faucets

April 3, 2017 3

This content was produced by The Globe and Mail’s Globe Edge Content Studio, in consultation with Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre.

The faucet is the focal point of a kitchen: often interior designers will select this star piece first and then design the whole room around it. But faucets are not just about great looks. These days, tech-savvy consumers and aspiring cooks are demanding smooth and integrated functionality in their semi-pro kitchens.

Take GROHE, for instance, which is known for its sleek, European styling, says Christina Kempinski, the Edmonton Showroom Manager for Robinson Lighting and Bath Centre. “Things are a lot more daring,” she says, of high-end faucet performance. “From the smooth pulldown function of GROHE’s Concetto and Essence series, to the effortless hands-free technology in its LadyLux Foot Control units.”

When consumers come into the showroom, she says, they spend hours playing and weighing their options. “It is such a great fantasy, building a dream kitchen that makes you want to be a better cook.” GROHE provides pro-level performance, with refined elegance.

You don’t have to scrimp on performance to pull a great look together for your kitchen, says Interior Designer Monique Gorda, also the co-owner of Edmonton’s Canterbury Homes. The old design rules and restrictions have been cracked open to endless possibilities: “The same as in the fashion world, the key is in mixing up your design vision the same way you would your outfit,” she says.

“From the mixing metals, to integrating styles and eras—say, contemporary and modern, with a little vintage treasure thrown in.” This exciting new design palette is a great setting to appreciate the luxury of today’s smart kitchen technologies.


The Delicate One

The Essence Semi-Pro is GROHE’s modern classic: the extended comfort spout makes a simple and elegant statement, and comes in chrome and new specialty finishes such as velvet matte black. The pull-out dual spray has a toggle function to make switching between spray and regular water flow seamless. And the forward-rotating lever handle eliminates backsplash interference. The faucets operate with a 360-degree fully rotating spray arm, plus a powerful magnet to guarantee seamless docking after use.


The Minimalist

The Concetto Semi-Pro is GROHE’s ultimate exercise in purity of form. But it is the hidden internal functions that stand out: GROHE SilkMove® technology makes one-finger control of both water temperature and volume effortless, even with wet hands.


Look, No Hands!

The GROHE LadyLux and K7 professional series offers kitchen wizards a dream feature: GROHE Touch means nothing more than a tap from your wrist, forearm, or the back of your hand keeps bacteria and cross-contamination from your faucet.


Fancy Feet

And the next step forward is eliminating dirty hands around your faucet altogether! The GROHE K7 Semi-Pro Medium and LadyLux Dual Spray Pull-down kitchen faucets also have FootControl functionality. This leaves your hands free and your faucet spotless at all times. Just a tap of the toe under counter– nothing is visible to the naked eye, and the controller knows the difference between your foot and your broom, or your cat! Best of all, the flow shuts itself off in 60 seconds if left unattended.



Learn more about GROHE and find out how our experts at Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre can help you integrate high-tech, high-style and your dream home ideas by calling or stopping by your local showroom.