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April 2, 2015 6

We love lighting and the way different fixtures have the ability to change a room, both in terms of form and function. Lighting can be subtle, or it can be bold and make a style statement. Our Instagram followers are loving the statement look right now, in particular, geometric light fixtures.

Bold geometric patterns and shapes are trending all throughout the design world, from fashion through to interior design. We have rounded up a few of our Instagram users’ favourite geometric light fixtures that are timeless and can be incorporated into different spaces within your home. This dimensional look comes in squares, rectangles, and hexagons and is versatile enough to complement both traditional and contemporary décor styles.

If you are looking for a distinctive statement piece, go big with a geometric light that stands out and is an art piece in its own right. This contemporary fixture makes a stunning accent in a home’s entrance.

If you are looking for something a little subtler, consider a living room or dining room pendant light. While these styles are stunning, they are smaller and therefore more balanced for living spaces where key furniture pieces live and where function is critical.

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If you love geometric light fixtures but prefer a look without exposed lightbulbs, consider this stunning hexagonal fixture with covered bulbs, creating a look that is softer, yet makes a modern and sophisticated statement.

Robinson Lighting - Staircase

Lighting provides a great opportunity to add character and incorporate style statements into your home. For must-have trends in lighting and bath, visit a Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre showroom near you and consult our experts on the best fit for your home.


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