Make an Entrance that Will Not Be Forgotten with Lighting

August 1, 2016 30

First impressions are hard to forget, which is why so many homeowners take the time to create an entryway to their homes that will impress anyone who visits. And while it’s true that your flooring, wall treatments, and décor make up an important part of the look you’re creating, it really doesn’t matter what you put in the space if you can’t see it. That’s part of what makes entrance lighting so incredibly important; your guests should be able to see the work you’ve put in there, while at the same time, your lighting helps to tie the décor of a room together, giving it a cohesive look. Lighting plays an important role in your home’s style as well; it’s not enough to simply install some utilitarian fixtures, your entrance lighting needs to reflect the room’s design. Select fixtures that will match and complement the room’s decor. Remember, you’re setting the stage for the rest of your home’s décor and style with your entryway.


Finding the Right Fit

There are a lot of different lighting fixtures that can be used in an entryway. The key is to find the one that will fit your space so well that it simultaneously completes the room and makes a statement all on its own. Part of this is influenced by size; the bottom of a chandelier, for example, should sit at least 7-feet from the ground, while a scone should be about 5-feet from the floor. Other methods, however, are influenced more by your décor and style, than by size alone; follow these tips to help find the right fixture for your entryway.


Duplicate Lines

One way to find the perfect fit for your lighting within a room is to mimic the shapes and lines already in the room, so that the fixture is amplifying what’s already there. For example, the Alpine Chandelier from Hudson Valley Lighting mirrors the shape of the door just beyond it. Both have a strong frame, yet allows light to pass through without shade or impediment, so the fixture becomes an elegant and understated focal point framed by the larger door, creating the illusion of open space.

Alpine Chandelier - Hudson Valley Lighting - Entrance Lighting

Alpine Chandelier – Hudson Valley Lighting


Use Multiple Light Sources

You can also use repeating fixtures in other ways as well. For example, in this mudroom, these Patterson Flush Mounts light fixtures by Hudson Valley Lighting help to accomplish three separate goals. First, they help follow the shape of the room, drawing the visitor in with their placement. Next, their simple style and bold black outlines contrast the beadboard ceiling while picking up the wrought iron accents on the cabinets, creating depth and a cohesive design at the same time. Finally, they provide enough illumination to allow the mudroom to be a truly functional space as well as a charming and stylish one, no matter what time of day it’s used.

Patterson Flush Mounts - Hudson Valley Lighting- Entrance Lighting

Patterson Flush Mounts – Hudson Valley Lighting


Fill the Space

Remember that above all else, your entrance lighting needs to both illuminate the space well, particularly if it’s the main lighting source for the area, and it needs to complement the room’s décor. To this end, it’s as important to size your fixture to correctly fill the space as it is to match your style. You want your light to work with your décor; if it’s too large it will dominate the room, while a light that’s too small won’t provide enough illumination, while getting lost in the other details of the room. This Madera 6-Light Single Tier Chandelier by Feiss is the perfect complement to this foyer’s style and, paired with the Madera Wall Sconce, it provides plenty of illumination as well, adequately filling the room both with light and with its size.

Madera 6-Light Single Tier Chandelier – Feiss - Entrance Lighting

Madera 1-Light Wall Sconce & Madera 6-Light Single Tier Chandelier – Feiss


Your entryway sets the stage for the rest of your home; make sure it reflects your style perfectly by investing in quality entrance lighting to brighten and cement your design. When you’re ready to focus on the best lighting for your entryway – or for the rest of your home – stop into Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre, where our dedicated industry experts will help you find the perfect fixture for you. Stop in today and see the entrance to your home in a new light.


Top header image shows the Nolan 6-Light Single Tier Chandelier by Feiss