Illuminating the Evening Sky: Diner En Blanc 2015

August 28, 2015 10

At Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre, we truly believe in the impact of quality lighting, not just for illumination, but how it can transform a space from cold and dull to warm and breathtaking. Never before have we taken our fixtures beyond the interior of a home. This week, however, in partnership with Vancouver Club, we were fortunate to see how the brilliance of lighting can translate to an outdoor setting at Diner En Blanc Vancouver.

What started as a small picnic in Paris 25 years ago has grown into one of the largest outdoor, annual dinners across the world. Donning all white, participants of Diner En Blanc are taken to a secret location where they dine in style under the stars. Impressive white floral arrangements and candelabras with vintage charm are just a few of the decorative pieces you can find adorning thousands of tables.

At this year’s event, which saw an attendance of 4500 people, guests of Vancouver Club were seated beneath the sparkling lights of four of our Schonbek 7-Light Heritage Crystal Chandeliers. With Vancouver’s shimmering skyline as the backdrop, the chandeliers glowed in the evening sky, adding just that extra touch of Parisian-inspired magic.

Charles Zuckermann DEB-37












Photo: Charles Zuckermann, Zook-It Photography

As a company built on years of traditions and deep rooted values, it is particularly special to take part in an event that echoes the same sentiments. The key rituals of waving napkins to mark the beginning of dinner, and the lighting of sparklers to kick off a night of dancing are visually stunning. Under the radiant crystals of the Schonbek chandeliers, this only looked more romantic and enchanting.

Whether it is a fixture for your home or a stately affair, lighting has the ability to evoke a sense of a different time and place. Our industry-expert staff in our showrooms are prepared to help you find the right fixtures to create your ideal space.

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Photo: Charles Zuckermann, Zook-It Photography




Photo: Diner En Blanc – Vancouver

Charles Zuckermann DEB-61

Photo: Charles Zuckermann, Zook-It Photography

Charles Zuckermann DEB-66

Photo: Charles Zuckermann, Zook-It Photography


Photo: Diner En Blanc – Vancouver


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