Creating A Rustic Modern Design

March 21, 2016 14

Transitional designs combine two different styles of decor, including one of the hottest new design subsets around – Rustic Modern. As more homeowners begin looking toward the modern design of open floor plans, while still desiring the comfort and relaxed atmosphere of Rustic and Country designs, new trends such as Rustic Modern begin to emerge.

Rustic Modern design mixes the clean lines of Modern design with some of the warmth, depth, and comforts of Rustic design. The result is a blended home interior that has open spaces and a distinct lack of clutter, but that also has a lot of the same materials and textures that you’ll see in more rustic or Country-style homes.

For example, warm metal colors are being found in nearly every style of home today as people move away from the look of stainless steel finishes. Homeowners who have more modern-style homes, however, will need to find a way to balance this new trend against their existing decor. Rustic Modern is one design type that effortlessly bridges this gap.

Ideally, when trying to blend designs like this, it helps to create a focal point in the room that embodies elements of both styles at the same time. The Fulton 18-inch Bronze with Heritage Brass Pendant from Hinkley is one example of a fixture that can do this.



Hinkley – Fulton 18-inch Bronze with Heritage Brass Pendant


The Fulton Pendant features the clean, austere lines of Modern design, but with the bronze finish and warm tones of more rustic styles. It sets the stage for you to incorporate more of both elements in things like accessories, as well as other architectural elements like flooring.

For example, with the Fulton Pendant, you could add elements of the brass or bronze finishes to use on cabinet and door hardware elsewhere in the room, while installing a clean, large format flooring that enhances the open floor plan of the room. The finished results will be subtle; Rustic Modern and other subset designs don’t always have very prominent features. At the same time, this enables you to incorporate more of what you love into your home’s design.

Preserve the clean lines and minimalist design you love while still incorporating some of today’s trends toward comfort and lasting design. Be sure to make good use of prominent, permanent lighting fixtures, like the Fulton Pendant, in your design to create the anchoring point any good style needs to be complete.

Another good tip to keep in mind if you want to create a mixed, transitional design that is reflective of your personal tastes is to blend elements of both styles equally to create balance and let the rest of the decor unfold naturally throughout the room.

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