Create the Ultimate Personal Steam Shower Spa Experience

August 8, 2016 31

As smart home technology continues to improve, more and more homeowners are beginning to take advantage of everything it has to offer. This includes not only programming daily functions, but those little luxuries that make life worth living as well. That’s what makes the Total SenseTM steam shower technology from Steamist the next must have for every smart home; it gives you the ability to customize and control your own at home spa experience.

A Total Body Experience

Creating a spa bathroom in your home is not a new idea, but it is one that is beginning to gain traction as something that every bathroom needs – not just opulent or over-the-top designs. Things like steam showers enable you to relax, unwind, improve your health and circulation, and they don’t take up any additional room than a standard shower unit.

What sets Steamist’s Total Sense apart is the ability to create a unique, one of a kind experience that is personalized just for you. Whether you’re sharing your steam spa experience, or relaxing on your own, you want to be able to add in those details that complete the experience at the touch of a button.

The Total Sense system with the TSC-450 Digital Control enables you to personalized control:

  • Aromatherapy with the addition of AromaSenseTM
  • Light and chromatherapy with the addition of ChromaSenseTM
  • Music from any Bluetooth enabled device with AudioSenseTM
  • The perfect, preprogrammed shower temperature after your steam with ShowerSenseTM

Together, this system creates an environment right within your bathroom that is guaranteed to help you unwind.

Steamist - Total Sense Steam Shower

Steamist – Total SenseTM  TSC-450 Digital Control


Programmable and Customizable

While you may want to share your steam spa experience from time to time, many people find additional benefit in creating the perfect spa experience that’s just for them. And once you get those controls just right, you won’t want to change them for just anyone. That’s why Total Sense allows you to program up to two individualized profiles, controlling the duration, temperature, and other additions to the shower that are just for you. This way, if you prefer a hotter shower with aromatherapy, and your partner prefers a slightly cooler temperature with sound, you can both have the perfect profile with no need to continuously reset the parameters each time you use the space.

Steamist - Total Sense Steam Shower

Steamist – Total SenseTM TSC-450 Digital Control


Seamlessly Integrated

One of the advantages of using a steam shower system in your bathroom, as opposed to other forms of spa-style experience, is the way that steam seamlessly integrates right into your space. The steam shower unit itself is installed within your walls; all you need is a non-porous surround in the shower and the desire to allow yourself to have the luxury of steam on demand whenever you desire it. No two people ever want to relax and unwind in quite the same way. Now you and your partner can find your perfect relaxation, and recall it with just the touch of a button with Total Sense.

Steamist - Total Sense Steam Shower

Steamist – Total SenseTM TSC-450 Digital Control


To start creating your perfect bath or steam shower, stop into Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre where our expert staff will help you create your perfect bathroom retreat in your home. Let us help you get started on designing the bathroom of your dreams.