Blending Contemporary Elements into One Bathroom Design

June 27, 2016 28

One of the best things about contemporary design is the ability to create a unique, fresh look in any room of your home, and that doesn’t necessarily conform to any one template or standard. To this end, it often means that in creating your bathroom design, you need to blend various contemporary elements together to create one, cohesive look. Done correctly, you can take several different components and pull the room together in a way that is new, distinctive, and eye-catching. The key is to learn how to blend so you that you get the bathroom design you’re after and not a mashup of different looks in one space.


Tip #1: Start with a Vision

Riobel – Venty Lavatory Faucet


In any good bathroom design, it helps to visualize what it is you want to see before you begin. Contemporary style is well known for its sleek, clean lines, for example, so the vision of the space might include emphasizing these. This could be done by pairing something like the Venty Lavatory Faucet from Riobel, which has a unique blend of curves and angles, with a very clean, square sink and vanity. The contrast between the two shapes adds interest, while keeping the focus on the lines of the room. Other ideas may include focusing on color, pattern, or material to begin your vision; just be sure that whatever element you want to move forward with gets plenty of space to shine.


Tip #2: Have a Common Element Repeat


Riobel Bathroom Design – Zendo Lavatory Faucet

Riobel – Zendo Lavatory Faucet


Another way to blend various elements of contemporary décor into one space is to find one common element that can repeat throughout the room. This is especially important in small spaces like the bathroom because too many designs and details in one area can be discordant. Therefore, make sure that there is something that can carry throughout to help blend different components.

One way to do this is to carry similar materials throughout the space. For example, using natural stone for the walls, floors, and sink means that you create a cohesive look for the room, allowing you to introduce things like a wooden vanity, and a unique water feature like Riobel’s Zendo Lavatory Faucet, so that they stand out and become the focal point of the room. You could also repeat a shape, a pattern, or a technology to get the same results.


Tip #3: Set Your Focus


Riobel – Salome Lavatory Faucet


Finally, when you’re blending various contemporary elements together, you need to be aware of what you want the focus of the room to be. Contemporary bathroom design has a lot of interest and a lot of potential areas for people to focus on, so you need to pick the one you want to emphasize to bring the design together, particularly when blending several components at once. You do this by pairing two or three elements in one tightly contained area to help catch the eye.

For example, you could use a highly innovative faucet like the Salome Lavatory Faucet from Riobel, and place it on a wall-hung vanity with a bold and attention-grabbing color. Together, the two elements pull your eye and let the rest of the room become the backdrop. This ensures that you don’t have too many disparate elements competing for attention at once throughout the room. Any other differing contemporary elements in the room should be more subtle and spread out from one another so they don’t compete with the focal point and make it difficult to see what’s going on.


Rethink What’s Possible

Contemporary design is made for thinking outside the box. New and innovative designs, products, and materials are being introduced every day, which means that you’ll have no trouble discovering something that can make your bathroom ground-breaking and matchless as well.

When you’re ready to start designing a contemporary space that can challenge perceptions of what current design should be, come visit Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre. Our knowledgeable design staff will help show you how to blend your favorite contemporary pieces to create the bathroom of your dreams. Stop in today to get started and get ready to think outside the ordinary.