How to Choose Your Perfect Bathroom Faucet Part 2

February 6, 2017 10

Last week, we featured two of our experts’ tips for choosing and caring for bathroom faucets, but we got such a great response, we decided to get two more experts’ advice. This time, we have Cheryl Wharton from our Edmonton showroom and Danielle Wutzke from our Vancouver showroom weighing in on choosing a bathroom faucet. Here, they’ll discuss why some faucets cost more than others, water flow and different finish choices.

Here’s what they had to say:

What are the most common questions people ask about bathroom faucets?



1) Which faucets are most popular?

People want to know what others are buying because it’s a sign of reliability and they want to make a good decision when there are so many options. The answer to this question will always change as styles and finish options come in and out of vogue. What is “in” right now may not be for you. We have a wide selection to choose from and we will work with you to find a collection that is more to your taste.

2) Why does the price vary so much between faucets?

Like other products out there, we have something for every budget. Every faucet line we carry will have low, mid-range and higher-priced collections. The collections’ styles will start out with simple designs and move to more trendy or intricate details as well as finish options. If you like the look of a simple and clean aesthetic, then you don’t necessarily need the most expensive option. Where the products are manufactured and the quality of pieces used to build the fixtures will also play a part in pricing.


3) How do I know the faucet I choose will last a long time?

Our plumbing suppliers are constantly improving their products and our showroom experts are well trained by our product representatives in all the latest innovations. This helps us ensure we can provide with the best education on what to look for in a quality faucet.

We are always keeping tabs on issues that arise and how they are resolved, so we can steer you towards the most reliable options. Of course, nothing lasts forever, so important questions to ask when looking at faucets would be:

i) What is the warranty for this line?
ii) How accessible are the parts?
iii) What is the customer support like?

These should all factor into your purchase.



What is the flow like on this faucet?

A lot of people want to have strong flow on their faucet for washing their hands and they ask about flow strength. Because manufacturers must follow the strictest regulations, all available faucets are a standard 1.8 to 2.0 gallons per minute. This is perfectly comfortable for washing your hands, and it won’t vary much between faucets.


What finishes do these faucets come in?

The most common finishes for faucets by far are chrome and brushed nickel. These are the most popular, and the most versatile for any design style. However, some of the higher end brands will also offer black, polished nickel or brass for those looking for unique or vintage design styles. For more on the vintage look, see our previous post on Kohler’s Artifacts collection pictured below.


What is the difference between widespread and single-hole faucets?

Widespread faucets have the individual hot and cold handles, which will allow you to control just hot or just cold flow, but the single-hole faucet you have one handle that will allow you to mix the water a lot easier than a widespread faucet. Most people will put a single-hole faucet in a or powder room because they are easier to use and adjust the temperature.


How do you start choosing a lavatory faucet when there are hundreds of options?



We have many faucet lines to choose from, and trying to find the best choice for your needs can be daunting. There are a few things to consider when venturing out to make your selection, knowing your budget is helpful as well as how the space will be used the most and by whom

Will the product see a lot of hard use? If you know the faucet is going to get covered in toothpaste or soap scum regularly, then you might not want a faucet with a lot of grooves or tight spaces to clean out. If you feel like the faucet is going to be handled roughly, try to choose something with quality handle cartridges that stand up to rough use, and can be serviced easily.

Is it meant to be a focal point in the bathroom? If you want the faucet to blend in with your existing décor, then a simple design that matches the finish of your shower hardware will do nicely. If you want your faucet to more of a conversation piece, you can try something with a unique design or bold finish.

We have many faucet lines to choose from, and trying to find the best choice for your needs can be daunting. There are a few things to consider when venturing out to make your selection, knowing your budget is helpful as well as how the space will be used the most and by whom.



The first thing I usually get customers to do is narrow it down to either a single-hole or widespread faucet. If the faucet is going into an existing sink, then the current configuration has to be a factor. If not, then it’s a personal preference.

From there, it helps to choose an overall shape. Do you like round or square better? That narrows down the options considerably, and adds more focus to the search.

One thing people don’t always consider is how the faucet actually feels in your hand. Does it fit nicely? Is it comfortable to use? Often, something may look nice, but isn’t enjoyable to use.

The only way to know for sure is to physically see it and interact with it in the showroom.


What’s one of your favourite lavatory faucets and why?



It would have to be the Moen Rizon 6900 single-lever faucet in a chrome finish. This faucet has modern, clean lines but soft edges. It is modern enough to be current but simple enough to match any other piece in your bathroom. The quality is hard to miss when clients try the faucet in our showroom and the price falls nicely within most budgets.



The Margaux from Kohler. Its a very classic looking faucet, it comes in single hole or widespread. If you order the widespread faucet you have the option of lever handle or cross handle and it also has five different finishes you can order to customize the look of your bathroom.


This post was written in collaboration with Cheryl Wharton, one of our experts at our Edmonton Robinson Bath Centre showroom. She’s great at listening to customers’ wants and needs and finding the right plumbing fixtures for them.

This post was also written in collaboration with Danielle Wutzke, one of our experts from our Vancouver showroom. Danielle is a design expert who specializes in helping customers create a unified design with their plumbing fixtures.

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