How to Choose Lighting that Makes a Statement

December 27, 2016 10

Beyond the fact that lighting provides illumination for a room, a light fixture normally has to complement and blend into the rest of your décor. And while sometimes a subtle look is desired, there are other times when a room’s design seems to be lacking one element that makes the whole thing pop. In these cases, rather than simply lighting a room, why not use your light fixtures to make a statement? With light fixtures from Troy and Corbett, you can make your lighting take centre stage. Here’s how to choose lighting that will stand out from the rest of your home.


Incongruous Design

Most people feel that to create a cohesive interior design, all the pieces need to match or coordinate in some way. And while this does go a long way toward creating a beautiful room, it can also create a room that feels flat or unfinished.

In these cases, what the room needs is not only a statement piece, but one that seems incongruous to the room’s design at first glance. This single “off note” in the room makes the rest of the design sit up and come into greater focus. It also puts that statement piece at the forefront of the room.

When using lighting to create that statement, try using a piece that’s going to be at odds with the rest of the lines in the room. For example, the Epic light fixture from Troy, is made of sharp angles with a sparkling, angular center. Paired with a more fluid and traditional décor, this light fixture has an enormous impact on a room’s design.


Multi-Pieced Impression

While a single bulb or light source is going to get attention if it’s large enough, sometimes a grouping of smaller pieces makes the statement you’re looking for. If your room needs a bold light fixture, and it has a large area to fill, such as in a formal living room or entryway where there is a central focus, then a fixture that has multiple dimensions, sides, and viewing angles to it can help create the statement you need.

In a seating area where people are grouped from many sides, a light fixture like the Odyssey from Troy can help keep things fresh, because the perspective is never the same from two angles.


Defying Visual Gravity

One concern for homeowners who want a large statement fixture is that the light may overpower the area that it’s in. Some larger lights may seem too heavy or substantial for the space they’re in, making people wary of their placement.

Light fixtures don’t have to be heavy or substantial to make a statement in a room, though. The Calligraphy light fixture from Corbett is so delicate and airy, it almost looks as though it’s floating above the ground. Now you can have the light, the statement, and the space you need to finish the room.


Add Intrigue to a Room

Sometimes a whimsical element to your décor can bring the room together and even start conversations.

When you’re looking for a light fixture that can do this, consider the Element from Corbett. Depending on how it’s viewed, the Element can be described as anything from molecular to a game of jacks. Its fluid lines and curves also call attention to it from anywhere it’s visible in the room.


Make a Statement that Will Light Up Your Décor

Creating a statement in your home through light fixtures accomplishes two goals at once. Your statement light will not only draw and focus the eye, but will add much needed ambient lighting to your room at the same time. Consider one of these statement lights from Troy and Corbett to complete any room of your home.

When you’re ready to make that statement in your décor, be sure to come into any Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre location. Our expert staff are ready and able to help you find the perfect way to complete your décor. Stop in today and make a statement in any room of your home.