Get the Most out of Your Bathroom With Vanity Sconces

January 2, 2017 11

Good lighting is imperative in any good bathroom design. Most bathrooms lack natural light sources, yet at the same time, much of their function depends on being able to see yourself in the best possible light. And while overhead lighting is fantastic for the shower and main area of the bath, there’s nothing quite like sconces when it comes to lighting up your vanity or dressing areas. Vanity sconces add style, important task illumination, and help balance out the room’s design. They’re also easier to incorporate into your bathroom than you may have thought possible.


Why Vanity Sconces?

Sconces provide even, shadow-free illumination across the vanity and mirror, providing you with the best possible lighting for getting ready. If you pay close attention to detail, then we recommend sconce lighting.

To create a seamless design in the bathroom, look for vanity sconces that will fill the area on either side of your mirror without crowding. Install the sconces at roughly eye-level, or 66-inches from the ground in most cases. Be sure to position them so they’ll cast light in all directions, and look for styles that will replicate some of the same colors, shapes, or designs you already have in the room.

For example, these Cube sconces from Tech Lighting duplicate the clean lines of the mirror and vanity, helping to create a cohesive look.



Wattage and Illumination of Vanity Sconces

Many people assume that vanity sconces don’t need to be that bright because they’re secondary to the overhead lighting fixtures in the room. And while overhead lighting is important in the bathroom, this doesn’t mean that your sconces should be dim or shadowy. You want adequate lighting in these areas because your body can cast a shadow onto the mirror from the light overhead, making it difficult to complete tasks that need close attention, like shaving or applying makeup.

Focus on finding sconces that can give you the highest level of light output possible, with a minimum of 150 watts being standard for a vanity light. It’s easy to dim this brightness either by using a lower wattage bulb, or by installing a dimmer like this SofTap Dimmer & Paddle Switch from Legrand on the wall nearby.



To reduce glare from your sconces, make sure to invest in lights that have a light-filtering shade or material surrounding the bulb, like these Trinity sconces from Hudson Valley Lighting. That way you get the illumination you need, without harshness and glare.



Illuminate Evenly

When working with a double vanity design in the bathroom, sconces help ensure that each sink area gets its own personal lighting. This means that you and your partner each get the light you need, allowing you both to adjust things as you prefer including bulb wattage or dimmer position.

Ideally, vanity sconces should be placed so that the light overlaps from one another in the sink area. This means that the lights should be placed approximately 28 to 40 inches apart on either side of each mirror.

Also, don’t be afraid to allow your sconces to emerge further outward than you mirror. This will help to create more even light across the entire area, whether you have a single vanity or double.

The Whitney sconces from Hudson Valley Lighting in this traditional bathroom extend outward just enough to provide even illumination across all three sections of the vanity. No matter where you stand, there’s no shadows to contend with.



Include Vanity Sconces in Your Bathroom Design

Sconces make your bathroom brighter, more usable, and help amplify your style. Include them near your vanity area to help make the most out of the room.

When you’re ready to take your bathroom design to the next level, be sure to visit a Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre location. Our expert staff will help you determine your lighting needs, finding you the right sconces for your bathroom. Stop in today and start seeing your bathroom in an entirely new light.