Add Dimension to Your Bathroom with Duravit

May 23, 2016 26

Creating a bathroom with clean lines and sleek surfaces is a goal for many homeowners who want the elegant simplicity that this contemporary style can bring. Unfortunately, many contemporary bathrooms that rely too heavily on these things can end up feeling flat, plain, and impersonal – not the goal most people have in mind. It is possible, however, to have both a bathroom with interest and dimension, and a space that’s spare, clean, and filled with simple elegance as well. The answer lies in investing in fixtures for your bathroom from Duravit.

Duravit and Philippe Starck have long been known for their innovative, sleek and distinguished line of bathroom fixtures and furniture. Together they have produced numerous pieces and lines designed for today’s modern bathroom – simple, tasteful, and filled with personality and character.


Duravit – ME by Starck Wall-mounted Toilet


For small bathrooms and minimalist designs alike, there is the ME by Starck Wall-mounted Toilet. Like every piece of the ME by Starck line, this austere toilet is designed for your lifestyle – not simply for looks. Featuring Duravit’s Rimless® design, along with WonderGliss coating to help keep it fresh and clean, this wall-hung toilet takes up little in the way of space. This toilet is sure to set the tone for the rest of the room.


Duravit – Cape Cod Washbowl (Square)


Following closely behind the toilet in importance in the bath, is the washbasin. A good sink needs to not only function well, staying clean and smooth use after use; in today’s modern bathroom a good sink also needs to become a focal point as well. That’s what the Cape Cod series of sinks by Duravit are all about; offering you a blend of style and function that transcends ordinary use.

The Cape Cod washbasins are an amazing ¼-inches thick at the edges for an attractive, sleek, and elegant design. Made of Duravit’s DuraCream material, these sinks may be porcelain thin, but they lack nothing in terms of function, durability, cleanliness, or use.


Duravit – Cape Cod Washbowl (Round)


The Cape Cod basins come in three shapes – Round, Square, and Trioval to fit any bathroom style. The Round Cape Cod basin has a flat bottom, flaring gracefully at the top, while the tap hole rests on a small platform inside. The Square Cape Cod basin also features a tap hole, along with gently curved corners and a slightly flared edge.

The Trioval basin features a completely new and innovative shape, combining a triangle and an oval in one, well-designed bowl; the tap mounts outside of this basin on any of its three sides.

If you’re ready to design a bathroom that is not only simple and elegant, but personal and designed for your lifestyle, stop in today at any Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre. Our dedicated staff can help you find the right bathroom fixtures for your home, helping you pull the entire space together into one, cohesive design. Let us help you get started on designing the bathroom of your dreams.